Avventure oltre la nota Costa Smeralda – I

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In the next few episodes of the Blog we’ll be sharing stories from adventures and excursions that will bring you to unknown corners of the Emerald Coast and will open your eyes on unexplored options for your summer 2021

The first tail I want to share is the thrill and joy of hiking and rappelling down San Pantaleo pikes. For those of you who are familiar with this beautiful part of Sardinia you may know about this picturesque site that attracts so many for its uniqueness.

San Pantaleo is an enchanting village located in the Gallura region of Sardinia, between Baia Sardinia and Portisco (Olbia). Here you can find the typical Sardinian houses and a great variety of local plants and flowers such as buganvillea, jasmin and oleandrin that give it an irresistible romantic touch. This beautiful place is surrounded by majestic mountains of Meditterranean scrub and trees with granite peaks that offer its visitors breathtaking views.

Since the 1970s, San Pantaleo has become a crossroads for bohemian artists, painters and local artisans who make typical Sardinian ceramics and wrought iron furniture and for this reason it’s also known for its markets and cultural events.

Discovering Scala Finosa trek

Scala Finosa is a hike on the so-called San Pantaleo Towers surrounded by the neighbouring stunning Punta Cugnana mountain and the Emerald Coast view extending from Baja Sardinia to Porto Rotondo. 

The excursions of this area are considered among the most interesting both from a technical and a panoramic point of view and it’s suggested to do them with experienced guides that know thoroughly the paths and with the right equipment, especially for what concerns the rappelling parts. 

The adventure of Scala Finosa starts a little outside the village of San Pantaleo on the SP73 road. It’s here that we meet our guide Massimo early in the morning and get set up with the gears and helmets.

As we step away from the main road we get immersed in the typical Mediterranean Scrub, also known as Macchia in Italian or Maquis in French. This beautiful local biome contains evergreen broad-leaved, aciform trees and shrubby plants. The hike is around 250 m of elevation and 4 km in distance and as we ascend in altitude the air becomes perfumed by the aromas of thyme, myrtle and rosemary. It’s hard to describe the beauty of the moment, between the scents and the breathtaking view of the Emerald Coast and islands and the mysterious and magical shapes of the surrounding granite peaks.

Having reached the top height of the hike you realize how majestic and impressive nature feels from here.

Most of the path is well kept and marked, however, the access to the rappelling part of the excursion with the anchor points and hooks is really not easy to see as it goes through a tiny passage boulder under a rock that creates a tunnel you slip into. 

View Trekking San Pantaleo

When you reach the other side, in a small cave, you find the wooden board engraved with “Scala Finosa” and here you go, the fun begins! Using a fixed rope you climb to the summit and intercept a steel cable and then a chain that will take you to the first jump. For those of you that have never done rappelling it’s basically a form of descent from a height, such as a cliff or wall, in which you slide down an anchored rope and apply friction to control your speed. The most common way to rappel is to thread the rope through a specialized rappel device attached to your harness with a locking carabiner. In this way you are secured by the gear and you are in control of your descent. As an additional security measure the guide holds on a double rope attached to the gear at the top of the jump and catches you in case you were to leave the rope loose.

View Trekking San Pantaleo

Scala Finosa track is composed of 6 to 8 jumps of an average of 18 metres. It’s an amazing and thrilling experience in which you get to play with the instinctive resistance to jump into the unknown and at the same time grow a feeling of empowerment and a sense of self-confidence. In fact, when you jump for the descent sometimes you are walking down a granite wall and sometimes you have to jump into the void and descend by releasing the rope little by little. It’s a beautiful exercise of trust.

Besides, the view that surrounds you as you move down the ropes is always stunning. Some jumps are immersed in the granite peaks of San Pantaleo, with the view of the Costa Smeralda, the Maddalena islands, Cannigione Bay, Tavolara island and with a clear sky you also get to see Corsica island. Some other jumps are in caves with holes and the view of the Machia and the mountains outside is framed by weird shaped granite stone.

View Trekking San Pantaleo

We, passionate of yoga, stopped in the most inspiring spots to practice a little and drop into contemplation of the beauty a few times along this journey and really felt all of the magic of this incredible land.

This one is truly a fun trip you will not regret doing and we’d be happy to guide you through it! 

If you feel inspired and wish to join us this summer drop us a message

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