Ski / Snowboard

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Skiing and Snowboarding are complete sports. The scenery in which you are immersed is full of features to explore and is in close contact with the mountain. Sometimes, however, walking the usual tracks, often crowded, can limit the beauty of this activity, and therefore being accompanied by an expert guide can make the difference. Skiing with an instructor who knows the mountain well and the level of his students is the way to make the most of the day, always remaining safe. Let us take you to the most hidden places, immersed in breathtaking landscapes, enriched with the experience of a passionate professional.

Attrezzatura utilizzata

sci o snowboard, impianti di risalita ed abbigliamento idoneo


Aumento del tono muscolare di braccia e gambe, forza/resistenza, agilità, equilibrio, coordinazione e tenacia – sviluppa equilibrio e coordinazione – Ottimo allenamento cardiovascolare – benessere psicofisico