Mindful practices make up for a happy life. Are you aware of your patterns of behavior?

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how do habits shape our lives

In this article we will speak about habits and how they shape our lives

When we go on holiday and take a break from our routine, we often feel motivated to take good care of ourselves. We feel relaxed and at peace so we eat healthy, do outdoor activities, read and rest and we realize we need more of this in our lives. The point is, like anything in life, if you want it, you must commit to it. 

If you want to feel relaxed and at peace in your day to day, you must integrate supportive habits in your routine that help you maintain that state regardless of the stressors of work, family and in general the routine of your everyday life.

There are many articles with good tips on how to improve life with a few simple habits. How does it work though? How can a habit influence our life and is it enough to pick up good ones during the holidays? 

What is a habit?

Habits are recurrent, often subconscious, patterns of behavior that are acquired through frequent repetition and create a chain of reaction between your mind, nervous and endocrine systems. While the mind has the role to set intentions to initiate an action, the nervous system coordinates sensory information with actions and the endocrine system is the chemical messenger that produces hormones. 

Habits are powerful because they create neurological cravings when a certain behavior is rewarded by the release of pleasurable chemicals in the brain. When we enjoy the experience, we will tend to do more of that. 

We develop habits at a very young age, like brushing teeth before going to bed or drinking coffee in the morning. Because some of them serve our personal development while others are detrimental to it, as adults we must learn how to be selective, let go of those that do not serve us and introduce healthy ones, if we wish to improve our lives.

As a general statement, actions are taken through the will force of intentions and reflect one’s values and the values we embrace determine our destiny. Because repetitive actions become habits which then become behaviors, it’s crucial to be aware of our behavioural patterns if we wish to direct our life toward happiness and purpose. In fact, destiny is not set in stone, instead you are the author of it and you shape it through your intentions, actions and habits.

Life is based on habits 

Our habits define us to ourselves and to other people, they grow stronger and stronger over time and become automatic behaviours. Habits determine the patterns in our nervous and glandular systems and consequently our mood and the quality of our life. This is why it’s so important to develop healthy habits and conscious behaviours. 

Here’s three good habits you could pick up in this time of lockdown

1. Start your day with an empowering morning routine and end your day with a heartwarming one

Morning and evening routines are very important for your success. The first one allows you to have an energized fresh start of the day, instead of stumbling into it, to be on point and get things done. The latter prepares you for a good night's rest and we’ve said it before in our article on Wellbeing how sleep and relaxation are fundamental for the health of body and mind.

Waking up early enough gives you the chance to meet the day head-on and the time to do things that make you feel good and you normally don’t do during the day like exercising, reading, journaling and meditation. As waking up early becomes a regular habit, you program your body and mind to be active during the morning hours which are the best for creativity. Besides, if you get more things accomplished during the first half of the day, it’s highly probable that you will feel better about yourself to remain productive for the rest of the day.

Your evening routine is just as important as the morning one, as it prepares your body for a restorative sleep after a productive day. Creating a relaxing routine before you go to bed helps signaling to the body and mind that it’s time to rest and integrate the movements of the day. Take your head away from stressful thoughts with a little meditation, light a scented candle to please your senses, drink a heartwarming infuse and read a few pages of an inspiring book. Blue light screens and devices affect the circadian rhythm, so give yourself time away from it to allow natural sleep hormones to take action and have a more restful night.

Last thing before ending your day take a moment to tune into gratitude for what you have and what you’ve accomplished. It’s a very powerful practice because stating what you are grateful for is recognizing what you appreciate and wish for more in your life and it’s a useful exercise to direct your energy and time toward what makes you happy.

2. Conscious self-care 

Take time daily to do things that make you feel good, like playing music, singing, dancing, being in nature and doing sports. Exercise to activate your body's “feel good” chemical releases such as dopamine and endorphins in your brain and get rid of chemicals that make you feel stressed, anxious and depleted. Practice conscious eating by favoring healthy choices and appreciate the food you eat. Realize it’s the source of nutrients that keep you alive on this planet. 

3. Study and learn

Treat yourself everyday with some personal development reading. Educate yourself always and remember we never cease to learn. This type of reading should not be work-related, but instead deeply inspirational whatever that is for you from poetry to psychology, from music to gardening.  

Though these are healthy habits we should all integrate to our daily routines regardless of where and when, at LSN we know very well it’s easier to introduce good practices when we are relaxed, open and receptive like when we are on holidays. We are here to support you and are happy to assist you whether it’s to set up a fully equipped and well organized home gym, or to hire a highly qualified personal trainer to follow you on your daily workouts, yoga, meditation and pilates sessions, or to plan fitness and health activities during your holidays in the beautiful Emerald Coast. 

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Did this article spark your curiosity? What are your thoughts about habits? Do you have questions? Let us know in the comment box below 

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