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Looking for Luxury Fitness services in the Emerald Coast of Sardinia?

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LSN Gymnasia specializes in wellness and offers a wide variety of indoor and outdoor activities for the body & mind well-being while bringing together dedication to sport and love for nature. LSN is particularly present in the Emerald Coast of Sardinia, one of the most beautiful places on Earth, where in addition to managing the sports centers of the most luxurious resorts of Costa Smeralda, it is also active in providing services in Villas, Yachts and at sea.

LSN collaborators are professionals with a rooted passion for wellness, sports and nature, promoting well-being and positive change with the highest level of expertise in each of their disciplines. Working with LSN Gymnasia means receiving assistance from qualified and competent professionals with extensive experience in the wellness sector able to offer tailored programs for the well-being of the body and mind. 

LSN professionals awaken the pleasure of taking care of oneself while having fun and they do so in harmony with the environment in places with breathtaking views of dream landscapes. The clients of LSN look for the support of professionals who motivate them to face and overcome their limits with modulated training programs adapted to their needs and abilities and do so in beautiful locations, from luxury facilities with state-of-the-art equipment and machinery, to natural sites in enchanting places.

The most luxurious Hotels in Costa Smeralda choose LSN Gymnasia

LSN Gymnasia has been a proud partner of the Marriott Luxury Hotels in the Emerald Coast of Sardinia for more than a decade now and provides health and fitness services in the well renowned hotels of Romazzino, Cala di Volpe, Pitrizza and Cervo Hotel.

The Luxury Sport Facilities in Romazzino Hotel: an example of successful partnership

LSN Gymnasia was assigned the management of the outdoor Gym of Romazzino in 2017 and thanks to its proficient care, it’s renowned to be one of the nicest gyms in Porto Cervo. As a consequence of LSN expertise, in 2018 Romazzino trusted it to design and create the beautiful Yoga & Pilates Studio of the Hotel that today hosts the one and only Yogawall in the Emerald Coast.

Clients of the Hotel and visitors from outside have taken part in different types of training and come back summer after summer to LSN trainers and services for their favorite workouts and moments of relaxation.

Some clients prefer outdoor activities such as functional training, intensive programs of boxing, crossfit, hikes, morning stretching with a view or meditation sessions cradled by birds chirping in the typical Sardinian Mediterranean bush. The outdoor fitness space is fully equipped with the highly technological gym machines provided by long-term partner Technogym as well as all equipments for free-body workout such as barbells, kettlebells, TRX, bulgarian bags, clubbells, training ropes, elastic bands, medicine balls, plyometric boxes and much more. For the lovers of outdoor Pilates reformer sessions, yes there is also that!

Other clients however, favor the intimacy of the indoor space for more specific needs of postural rehabilitation gymnastics, Pilates workouts with cadillac, reformer, barre or mat, different styles of yoga practices and sound therapy. Many are attracted to try yoga in Romazzino Hotel thanks to the unique and innovative Yogawall, a structure that allows for major improvements in postural alignment, articular decompression, muscular strengthening, inversion experimentation as well as deep relaxation. Naturally light-filled, open and peaceful the Pilates and Yoga studio of Romazzino Hotel is a zen oasis located next to the Spa that diffuses relaxing aromatherapy scents and offers many pleasant beauty services to integrate your post workout.

Our philosophy is centered on the belief that a sound mind in a sound body is the key to a healthy, thriving and successful existence. This is why LSN looks forward to being part of your holiday experience in Costa Smeralda and encourages you to take part in our private sessions to energize the body and clear the mind, feel strong, increase mobility, improve balance and ultimately enjoy your time in Sardinia with lots of wonder and adventure.

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