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The discipline most practiced and accessible to everyone, from children to the elderly. With the simple use of our legs, it allows you to explore the world and rediscover the beauty of immersing yourself in nature in a slow and sustainable way. Accompanied by expert guides, the route and the pace are chosen based on the preparation of the participants and the weather conditions. Choice of private or group treks. Depending on the route chosen, the scenario can change completely. Some excursions require travel by car or raft. Multi-day outings can also be organized.

Attrezzatura utilizzata

consigliati vestiti e scarpe adeguate alle temperature ed al percorso, caschetto


Libera dalle forme di stress – rilassa la mente –  migliora il sistema cardiocircolatorio – allena la resistenza – accresce la nostra autostima al raggiungimento degli obiettivi prefissati.