"We offer high quality wellness" is the philosophy with which LSN was born. How? offering individual lessons during which it is possible to focus on specific characteristics and customer needs and selecting personal trainers that stand out for their preparation and professionalism.




Different activities and disciplines, performed in gyms with a panoramic view, led by qualified personal trainers and with the help of the best equipment. The aim is to guarantee the psycho-physical well-being of the client.


Sports professionals who, with enthusiasm and utmost competence, accompany the customer to discover new activities to be passionate about in the most beautiful landscapes of Sardinia.


Consultancy in the development and management of private spaces or gyms open to the public. Technical and commercial supervision of staff to learn the LSN working method.



Our workouts are based on a work protocol that includes three phases: warm-up, execution of the day's program and cool-down through assisted stretching. The main goal of our sessions is to improve the psycho-physical state, recommending the most suitable activity to practice at that time. It is very important for us that the mobility restrictions that prevent the correct execution of the exercises are identified and eliminated immediately. A body with no joint restrictions prevents trauma and self-heals pain. Most of our fitness activities are carried out in the open air. The beachfront gazebos that house the equipment allow you to benefit from the sunlight that activates serotonin, also known as the hormone of good mood, an important neurotransmitter that regulates the circadian rhythms of our body. Furthermore, exposure to sunlight helps to increase the reserves of vitamin D, which is useful for strengthening the immune system and keeping diseases away. The cardiovascular stimulation produced during training facing the sea helps, albeit minimally, the absorption of iodine present in the air: an important element for forming thyroid hormones, essential in regulating the body's metabolism. Another factor that helps you relax and clear your mind of thoughts is chromium therapy. During training our eyes are totally immersed in a landscape colored green by plants, turquoise and blue by the sea, blue by the sky and red by granite.

The fitness centers are located in the most exclusive hotels on the Costa Smeralda and are all equipped with the latest generation Technogym machines (for cardio training and strength), with large pilates equipment and have spaces for body exercises. free and for yoga. Furthermore, in the pool and in the sea, it is possible to take swimming and water aerobics lessons. All centers are open during the hotel opening season from 8:30 to 20:00, while the Pevero Golf Club is open all year round.




LSN team is made up of professionals who have distinguished themselves for competence, passion and dedication


Naguib Sawiris

I have been a client of LSN since more than 7 years. They are very efficient, flexible but punctual and knowledgeable with my training needs and have always been a reliable company.

Sharaf Yamani

I have been a long term client of LSN since its inception in 2010, and I have used their services between London and Sardinia. But before thet I have known Mauro Maggi since 2002 and he has been training me ever since. He has always been professional, attentive to my specific needs and creative in his training methods, combining cardio with pilates and weight bearing exercises. I’ve been very happy with the results. Today I count on LSN for all my family training and exercise needs from swimming, yoga, cardio and pilates. I highly recommend them.

Georgy Krasnyanskiy

Mauro has opened for me the way to pilates with an Italian accent, actually for our whole family, our friends and relatives: energy, eccentricity, but strict requirements for the accuracy of execution of movements! Combining the professionalism of an osteopath, a physiotherapist and a sport coach in one person, he is doomed to success! My spouse has avoided shoulder surgery with a faith in the Mauro’s system of recovery. And luck has come, thank to the God! Me and my whole family can’t wait to return to Mauro’s lessons this summer. Hopefully we gonna have them.

Andreas Dulger

Your training was one of the best I ever had. Apart from the food in Cala di Volpe which was excellent as well, your training was what I liked most during my holidays in Sardegna. I hope to come back soon!


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